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The lawyers at Plat Simionati LLP are committed to advocacy and are trained extensively in negotiation, drafting domestic contracts, collaborative family law, mediation, arbitration and finally litigation when required. We are able to represent clients in all of these arears in order to obtain the best possible results for our clients.

Spousal Support

Spousal support is the payment, either monthly or as a lump sum, from one party to the other in certain circumstances. Typically, spousal support is paid on a monthly basis and is taxable to the recipient spouse but is a tax deduction to the payor spouse. If spousal support is paid as a lump sum there are no tax consequences.

Unlike child support which is governed by statutes, spousal support is generally calculated using the Spousal Support Advisory Guidelines but the courts are not bound by the SSAG’s when determining spousal support.

Some factors that are considered when determine spousal support are the length of the time the parties cohabited, the functions performed by each spouse during the cohabitation, the parenting time of the children if there are children, to name a few.

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